Gum grafting dentistry

Gums can recede due to orthodontic work, over-brushing, genetics, or other factors, leaving areas of the exposed tooth root. Stanley Dentistry is able to perform gum surgery, and oral surgery procedures right in our office in Cary, North Carolina.

How does gum grafting work?

Gum grafting is a type of surgical procedure to cover an area of exposed tooth root with grafted oral tissue. This type of procedure helps to prevent further root exposure, decrease or eliminate sensitivity, decrease the likelihood of root cavities, and will improve the general look of the mouth. Often, patients do not notice gum recession, but if not treated it can lead to tooth loss.

How long will gum grafting take?

The procedure can be done within a few hours with the aid of IV or oral sedation. If you’re worried about the procedure itself, don’t be! With IV sedation, you won’t feel or remember anything about the actual surgery. Post-procedure, patients take either a prescription painkiller (rare) or a combination of Tylenol and Ibuprofen (more common).

Am I a good fit for gum grafting?

Gum grafting is a common gum procedure that is needed to protect your teeth from damaging gum recession. We can determine if you are a good candidate for gum grafting during your consultation. If you’re not located in the Cary, North Carolina area, we are more than happy to set up a virtual consultation to see if you’re a candidate for gum grafting.

Soft-Tissue Regeneration

If the thought of tissue “grafting” seems too severe, Stanley Dentistry in Cary, NC has a wonderful alternative. To build up the gum line or restore gum tissue where it has been lost, we use AlloDerm, a collagen that is applied to our gums and helps to regenerate gum tissue. AlloDerm can be used for a variety of procedures, including soft tissue ridge augmentation and increasing gum depth. You may need Soft Tissue Regeneration if you have a gummy or toothy smile, receding gums, or oral ulcers.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Gum Grafting and Regeneration


My teeth look “long”. What are my options?

If your teeth look “long”, it could be a sign of gum recession caused by periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums and other structures that support your teeth. It can cause irreversible damage if left untreated, including tooth loss. For this reason, it’s important to seek help from your dentist right away if you suspect that you are suffering from gum recession. Your dentist can diagnose the condition and develop a plan to help you reverse or slow down the progression of the periodontal disease, protecting your teeth and gums from further damage. Treatment may include scaling and root planing, antibiotics, gingival grafts, or other procedures. Taking care of your teeth with regular brushing, flossing, and checkups can help to prevent gum recession caused by periodontal disease. If you believe that your teeth look “long” due to gum recession, don’t wait—speak to your dentist as soon as possible. With the right care, you can protect your teeth and gums from the effects of periodontal disease.

Is oral surgery painful?

At Stanley Dentistry, we pride ourselves on offering stress and pain-free oral surgery. For many of our surgeries, we use IV sedation so patients don’t feel or remember the procedure at all. When they wake up from surgery, we prescribe either prescription pain killers or over-the-counter drugs such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen to manage any discomfort.Compared to other parts of the body, the mouth heals incredibly quickly. Our patients usually only need a few days of recovery after oral surgery before they’re back in their normal routine.

What is oral, or restorative surgery?

Oral surgery includes procedures that go beyond the typical scope of family dentistry (fillings, crowns, etc.). These surgeries typically involve some sort of sedation.

Is oral surgery at Stanley Dentistry safe?

Our doctors complete oral surgeries every single day. With more than twenty-five years of experience, Dr. Bobbi and Dr. Rob know everything there is to know about surgical dentistry. They use state-of-the-art techniques and cutting-edge technology to ensure each and every patient’s safety. You can rest assured that at Stanley Dentistry, our doctors will do everything they can to make your experience as stress and pain-free as possible.

Is gum recession permanent?

One of the most common side-effects of severe or late-stage periodontal disease is gum recession. As bacteria grow in the gums, the ability for the gums to stay attached to the teeth deteriorates. The teeth will begin to look “long” as the gums gradually pull away from the teeth.Unfortunately, gum recession is permanent. The gums are very resilient but they cannot grow back without some assistance. If your gum recession is severe, we will recommend a gum graft which is a way to artificially repair recessed gums. Dr. Rob uses artificial tissue to “graft” over the affected area, similar to a skin graft.If gum grafts sound a little intimidating, there is an alternative. For less severe cases, we can use a kind of collagen called AlloDerm that regenerates gum tissue. If you’re interested in getting gum grafting or Alloderm at the Stanley Dentistry office, schedule a consultation today.

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The Stanley Dentistry badge, which consists of three horizontal lines. The top line is flat, the second is slightly curved, and the third is more curved. This represents the journey to finding your smile!The Stanley Dentistry badge, which consists of three horizontal lines. The top line is flat, the second is slightly curved, and the third is more curved. This represents the journey to finding your smile!
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The Stanley Dentistry badge, which consists of three horizontal lines. The top line is flat, the second is slightly curved, and the third is more curved. This represents the journey to finding your smile!