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In the long run, permanent cosmetic dentistry is the best solution for teeth that are chipped, stained, crooked, or missing. However, here at Stanley Dentistry, we understand that not everyone has the time to get extensive cosmetic dentistry done. This is why we proudly offer Snap-on-Smiles for patients who need a perfect smile in just two quick office visits.

Why should I get a Snap-on-Smile?

Most patients who ask about Snap-on-Smiles have an upcoming event (wedding, graduation, job interview) that they’re getting ready for. They don’t like their smile and they want to be comfortable and confident at the event but they have only a few weeks (or a few days in some cases!) before they need their new smile.

Our doctors can do veneers and dental implants quicker than most dental offices but a week just isn’t enough time to ensure top quality and safety. This is why, for these patients, we frequently recommend getting a Snap-on-Smile. These removable bridges are easy to make, easy to wear, and very affordable. They don’t involve any surgery so even the most anxious patients can feel comfortable coming into the office for their appointment!

How does a Snap-on-Smile work?

The Snap-On Smile is a removable bridge that slides right over your existing teeth, covering gaps and crooked or missing teeth. During your first appointment, we’ll start by taking an exact mold of your mouth so the Snap-on-Smile fits properly and feels as comfortable and natural as possible.

The second step in the process involves working with the Snap-on-Smile lab to create a resin mold of your perfect smile. We’ll then bring you back in for the final appointment where you’ll get to try on your Snap-on-Smile for the first time.

How long do Snap-on-Smiles last?

Although thin, Snap-on-Smiles are strong and durable, they can last three to five years. During your six-month Stanley Dentistry wellness visits, we encourage you to bring your Snap-on-Smile with you so our doctors can keep track of its wear.

What are Snap-on-Smiles made of?

Snap-on-Smiles are made of a thin resin material that looks and feels like natural teeth. Although slim, Snap-on-Smiles are surprisingly durable and long-lasting when taken care of properly. Most patients report barely noticing their Snap-on-Smile when they’re wearing it.

Can I eat and drink with a Snap-on-Smile?

For the most part, Snap-on-Smile wearers can eat and drink normally. Patients should be wary of particularly sticky, hard, or chewy foods since those can loosen, remove, or damage a Snap-on-Smile. Eating and drinking with a Snap-on-Smile does increase its wear so if you want to keep it looking its best, remove it before digging in.

Can I wear my Snap-on-Smile to sleep?

We typically recommend that patients remove their Snap-on-Smiles before going to bed. This helps make them last longer.

Since they’re so easy to put in and take out, there’s no real reason to keep a Snap-on-Smile in at night. Unlike a retainer, they are not made to help with alignment. They are purely cosmetic.

Should I get a Snap-on-Smile instead of a flipper?

A Snap-On Smile is a great alternative to a flipper (a removable partial denture) for patients seeking non-invasive cosmetic options in Cary, North Carolina. Unlike a Snap-On Smile, which is supported by the surrounding teeth, a flipper is tissue supported. Because of this, flippers can often exert pressure on the underlying gums and cause discomfort for the patients. Snap-On Smiles slide over surrounding teeth so they minimize pressure on the soft tissues.

Doctors typically recommend Flippers for patients who are temporarily waiting for more permanent dental solutions. Snap-On Smiles are a better solution for those in Raleigh, NC seeking a perfect smile for years to come.

Is a Snap-on-Smile right for me?

All of our complimentary Snap-on-Smile consultations are done virtually, either through FaceTime or Google Duo. Fitting for a Snap-On Smile requires two visits to our office in Cary — one to take an impression of your teeth and the next for your final fitting. Snap-On Smiles can be a temporary, non-invasive cosmetic dental alternative to partial dentures or dental implants in Cary, NC.

How much do Snap-on-Smiles cost?

On average, Snap-on-Smiles cost between $1,800 and $2,000. We do offer financing options for patients who’d like to pay for their Snap-on-Smile in installments instead of up-front.

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