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A snap-on-smile is a great way to get the smile of your dreams in a hurry. If you have a big event coming up like a reunion, wedding, or an interview, you want to look your best but don’t always have time for extensive cosmetic dentistry. With snap-on-smiles in Cary, NC you can be ready for the big day in just two visits!

How does a Snap-on-Smile work?

The Snap-On Smile is a removable bridge that slides right over your existing teeth, covering gaps and crooked or missing teeth.  You can eat and drink while wearing your Snap-On Smile, eliminating fears of embarrassment at special events or get-togethers. Snap-On Smiles come with a 12-month warranty, but with proper care, they can last three to five years. These removable bridges are a non-permanent, lower cost smile solution.

A Snap-On Smile is a great alternative to a flipper, a removable partial denture, for patients in Cary, North Carolina. Unlike a Snap-On Smile which is supported by the surrounding teeth, a flipper is tissue supported. The flipper can often exert pressure on the underlying gums and cause discomfort for the patients. Because Snap-On Smiles slide over surrounding teeth, they minimize pressure on the soft tissues. Flipper teeth are normally used temporarily while waiting for a more permanent dental solution; Snap-On Smiles are a better smile solution for those in Raleigh, NC seeking less invasive options.

Is a Snap-on-Smile right for me?

Fitting for a Snap-On Smile requires two visits to our office in Cary, one to take an impression of your teeth and the next for your final fitting. Snap-On Smiles can be a temporary, non-invasive cosmetic dental alternative to partial dentures or dental implants in Cary, NC.

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