Alternative to Teeth-in-a-Day

Alternative to Teeth-in-a-Day

We get lots of patients who come into our office looking for “Teeth in a Day” dental implants. We’ve got a better solution.

The Stanley Dentistry badge, which consists of three horizontal lines. The top line is flat, the second is slightly curved, and the third is more curved. This represents the journey to finding your smile!The Stanley Dentistry badge, which consists of three horizontal lines. The top line is flat, the second is slightly curved, and the third is more curved. This represents the journey to finding your smile!

We get lots of patients who come into our office looking for “Teeth in a Day” dental implants. They don’t always know exactly what “Teeth in a Day” is or what it entails but because they’d seen the term so many times in the past, they know they want it (whatever “it” is). We can’t really blame these patients — the world of dental implants is sprawling. There are tons of companies with catchy names trying to sway potential patients. “Teeth in a Day” is really just one of many and, to make matters even more complicated, “Teeth in a Day” is really more of a casual term and less of a trademarked procedure. Lots of offices call their process of placing full-mouth dental implants “Teeth in a Day” solely because patients wake up from the surgery with a full set of new teeth.

Depending on the office and the doctor, some “Teeth in a Day” surgeries are better than others. Because there’s no formal process for “Teeth in a Day” there is little assurance of quality beyond just knowing and trusting the doctor and office. If you know of an office that performs “Teeth in a Day” dental implants and you feel confident in their team’s abilities, we encourage you to go there. However, if you’re looking for a dental implant system that’s a little more defined and organized, Omega Teeth may be right for you.

Omega Teeth and “Teeth in a Day”

With Omega Teeth, patients get “Teeth in a day” but they also get the confidence that their dental implants are going to last. The Omega Teeth dental implant system is tried and true. We’ve had many patients come into our office with a host of dental problems and leave our office that same day with a brand new set of teeth that lasts for the long run.

Our Omega Teeth doctors focus on two things: above-and-beyond patient experience and the success (both short-term and long-term) of the implants. There are six elements to the Omega Teeth process that help make those two things happen:

Simple pricing

dental implant cost

Dental implants are an investment. If you’re looking to get a full arch (upper and/or lower teeth) of implants, you probably already know that it’s going to be more expensive then a bridge or a denture. Of course, dental implants are better than bridges and dentures because they’re permanent and don’t require as much maintenance (or patience) as dentures.

While we recommend that anyone with missing teeth get implants, we understand that the financing of implants can be a little scary. This is why we made Omega Teeth’s pricing as simple as possible. Unlike most offices that offer dental implants, we don’t do à la carte pricing. With à la carte, everything the doctor does or uses during the implant surgery is added up after the procedure. Even though they may give a flat price for the implant at the consultation, that price can go up (without the patient knowing) as the doctor encounters different problems.

With Omega Teeth, that doesn’t happen. The price we tell you at your first appointment is the final price. If things come up during the implant process that cost extra, we aren’t going to tack on any hidden fees. Everything is upfront and simple for the patient. Getting surgery is already stressful enough — a pile of hidden fees just makes things unnecessarily harder.


sedation dental implants

What’s the best way to make surgery seem quick and easy for the patient? Sedation. For full arch dental implant surgery, we always use IV sedation because it means zero memories of the procedure for the patient. Many of our patients suffer from various forms of dental anxiety that make even regular cleanings difficult. This means something like a three to four-hour dental implant surgery is out of the question. Even for patients who don’t have dental anxiety, the trauma and pain of undergoing surgery while awake isn’t something we want anyone to go through.

As strange as it sounds, some dental implant procedures use local anesthetic instead of IV sedation. This means the doctor has to administer numerous shots of local anesthetic (which usually wears off within half an hour) throughout the surgery. When the patient signals that they’re in pain, the doctor will give them more local. For patients who’ve experienced that, it’s about as scary as it sounds.

Omega Teeth is all about top-quality patient experience. We want our patients to wake up from the procedure pain-free and excited to see their new teeth — not scarred from suffering through a grueling surgery.


Stanley Dentistry

The key to any successful surgery is planning. Whether you’re going in for open-heart surgery or a full-arch of dental implants, you want your surgeon to know what s/he is doing before you sit down in the operating room. In the Omega Teeth process, Dr. Rob takes 3D scans of his patients’ mouths during the first or second appointment. Using the scan, he decides where and at what angle the implants need to go and whether or not the patient will need a bone graft.

Once he’s done all the planning, he sends off his findings to a lab that makes a custom surgical guide for the surgery. The guide is a small piece of plastic that fits inside the patient’s mouth during the procedure. The holes in the guide correspond with where the implants need to go. This ensures that, during the surgery, there’s absolutely no guesswork. All the planning happens before the patient walks through the door on surgery day. During the actual procedure, all Dr. Rob has to do is follow the guide.

A lot of our patients ask us why the guide is necessary, beyond just making the surgery faster. One of the main reasons implants fail is because of improper placement. If a doctor places an implant at an awkward angle or in a place without a lot of jaw bone support, the implant can fail. It is imperative for anyone completing dental implant surgeries to use a guide. Not only does it make things a whole lot easier, it also could mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful surgery.


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Dental implants are supposed to last a lifetime. No one wants to invest in something like a full mouth of new teeth only to have to replace them in a few years. Planning and good placement go a long way in ensuring the longevity of implants, but doctors also need to be thinking about the materials they use. The materials themselves have to be sturdy enough to function well for years and years.

A lot of doctors use plexiglass, essentially plastic, for their implants. Plastic is fine for temporary implants (the teeth you wear for the six month healing period) but for permanent implants, it’s a bad idea. With the Omega Teeth system, Dr. Rob uses zirconia implants that are the strongest, most long-lasting implants available on the market. They’re more expensive than plastic implants but they’re the best option for patients who don’t want to have to worry about their implants ever again.


Stanley Dentistry

Because Omega Teeth is a guided system, the surgery time is incredibly short. Dr. Rob completes full-arch surgeries in under three hours because he does so much of the heavy-lifting before the surgery. All the planning for every dental implant surgery occurs days before the actual procedure. Compare that to many other offices that take twice that long or longer to do the same thing and you realize just how unique Omega Teeth really is.

For the patient, a speedy surgery means less time under sedation and less time in our office. We know our patients have busy lives so we want to get them in and out of surgery as quickly and safely as possible. We typically like to complete full-arch surgeries in the morning so patients can go back home in the afternoon to rest. Often times, they feel well enough to get back to their regular schedule within just a few days.

Never without a smile

dental implant surgery

Patients always ask our doctors before surgery one thing: “how long will I have to live without teeth?” The answer? Not a second. Omega Teeth patients wake up from surgery with their temporary implants already in place. They never have to see themselves without a beautiful smile. While patients do have to stick to soft foods for a while, they don’t have to drink smoothies for six months. They can talk, eat, and smile with confidence during the six-month healing process. After six months, the patient can get their permanent teeth which are custom-made to their specifications.

Ready to schedule?

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The Stanley Dentistry badge, which consists of three horizontal lines. The top line is flat, the second is slightly curved, and the third is more curved. This represents the journey to finding your smile!